The Ultimate Guide To Temporary Email

Have you got any difficult for using the email for account creation with social network? You wish to reduce the time for management and use the email effectively.

In this article, I would like to share my experience concerning using the email for account creation on the social sites and performing other works regarding optimizing the blog on the search engine.

How to Use Any Domain Email

Most of the people use a private email such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. However, there is some service shall not accept the private email. You must use the domain email if you want to use their service. Besides, if you have not got any experience regarding using the domain email, you will face many difficulties during creating and using.

To use the domain email you must own a TLD domain .com, .net or .org or other domain types. If you do not want to to set up the domain, you should use the paid service such as Namecheap, Godaddy. They will help you create the domain email with a simple setting.

If you do not want to pay any fee for domain email service, you can use other freebie services. Google App is one of the best services I’ve tried. Nevertheless, Google stopped such service two years ago. At the current time, you can use Yandex to create an email domain.

Besides, you may use the temporary email service to create the domain email. It is a free service!

When Do You Use the Temporary Email Service?

You can use the temporary email service with another purpose. There is the reason you should consider to use it:

  • To speed up the process of account creation.
  • Fast receive the notice or email from the service provider.
  • Fake email when you signup the account on the internet.

Let me show you the best temporary service I’ve used. To use the temporary email service you can try the service provider as or In this article I will introduce you about, after visiting the website you can see the screenshot as below:

temporary email fake

You can find out the friendly domain name that you want to create the domain email by the selection of various suggested domain. It is very simple to search the domain, you can use the short keyword such as *.com, *.net or *.org to generate any domain you want to pick up.

temporary email

As the screenshot hereunder, I picked up the .net domain (downloadarea . net) and create the email with user nganson. You can change any information to generate other domain emails. After completion of email creation, there is a notice “Address is valid…” in the below email. It confirmed that you can use this email to register or receive any information from any service provider. If there is no notice like that, I suggest you to try to generate other domain emails.

temporary registraion

For making a demo, I will use the domain email which I have just created to sign up a new account at According to Buffer’s policy, you must own one domain email if you want to try the Business account. Now, I am using a domain email with the name: [email protected] after creating from fake email.

buffer creat account

The registration is very simple and after filling all information, I also receive the confirmation email from the Buffer. I accessed the confirmation link to verify my account. You can see that, I can use the fake domain to complete registration at Buffer without more waiting time.

buffer verification email

Notice of Using a Temporary Email

The temporary email service will help you save more time when creating a social account. However, to avoid any issues concerning protecting information data, here are some tips you can use:

  • Do not use temporary to official purpose, you can use the private email for such purposes such as create one Paypal account or buy Thrive theme. If you use the temporary account to that, you should change immediately email information after the completion of registration.
  • Do not forget to delete any information after finishing of account creation. Your information will be secure.

How to Use Fake Email Domain with Your Domain

If you want to create a fake email with the private domain, you can DNS your domain to the temporary service provider.

fake email DNS

As the screenshot as mentioned above, if I want to create the email with the TLD domain, I must DNS my domain to fake email.

Here is information I must config:

  • Record Type: MX
  • Priority: 1
  • TTL: 86400
  • Mail server:

It takes one to five hours to activate your domain with a fake email. After activation, you can visit the URL to use the service.

When I build the BI Syndication Network, I have to create many social accounts and config it. Temporary email helps me save more time and it is easy to use.
If you are using a temporary email, you can share your experience with us.

Ps. My writing English skill is not good so that I wish to improve it through blogging, If there is any error concerning grammar issues in the article, please share it with me. I would like to thank you for your support.

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