Three Ways Grow Your Online Business With Thinkific

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This article will show you three ways for growing your online business you should know.

As you know, for many entrepreneurs, running a client business is incredibly fulfilling.

There is no more excellent feeling than working directly with your clients and helping them to achieve a result that they struggled to make on their own whether you are a freelancer, coach, consultant, or service provider.

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However, there is one big problem with running a client business. If you are good at what you do, word spreads, and soon enough, you end up with a full calendar. Once your schedule is complete, you cannot take on any more clients, even if you want to attract.

When you reach your capacity, your business (and your income) plateaus and when that happens, there are three ways you grow your business:

Option 1: Increase your prices

When you charge more for your services, you get to work with the same number of clients and earn more money. However, there is a limit to what you can charge for your services without having to justify the increase in price and value you provide or changing your target market entirely.

Option 2: Help more people

Just because you have to trade time to work directly with clients does not mean that it has to be your time. If you fancy helping more people, you can hire other people to work directly with your clients for you.

Build a team that is capable of assisting with client fulfilment. This way, you are not the only one in your business that works directly with your clients.

Option 3: Create an online course

By creating an online course, you create a digital product that can help teach your clients how to get the result they want. You separate your ability to help people from your time, removing the ceiling on your income potential.

You can keep working with clients one-on-one (charging a premium when you do) and build other sources of revenue for your business that runs day by day.

When it comes to creating and promoting online courses, few people know more about this topic than the team at Thinkific.

With over 36,000 entrepreneurs using their platform to sell online courses (Lewis Howes, Marshawn Evans Daniels, and many other entrepreneurs), they have an incredible amount of data on what works and what does not work when it comes to creating and selling online courses.

The is a reason why I am so excited to be promoting live training next week with Paddy McGill and other Marketers for Thinkific. Together, he will be sharing a proven 5-step blueprint for creating, launching, and profiting from online courses.

These are the exact steps that Thinkific’s most successful clients have used to create and sell their courses.

Here are just some of the main contents we will be covering this coaching:

  • The first challenge of prevention most entrepreneurs from the development of the business (and how to ignore theme).
  • Common misconceptions concerning creating online courses, and why people gladly pay a premium for your information.
  • Thinkific’s proven a five-step shortcut for creating, launching, and promoting from the courses online.
  • Case study and insights from their community of 36,000+ online course creators.

If you wish to learn the way to create and sell online courses as quickly and painlessly as possible (even if you have no technical skills), you are not going to want to miss this training.

If you are interested in the training, promptly register it now.

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